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BNIP : Beziers Narbonne Intervention Piscine

Pool intervention Beziers Narbonne

ENTRETIEN PISCINE : BNIP s'occupe de tout | Confiez nous l'entretien de votre piscine.
FORMATION PISCINE Formation personnalisée ou en groupe | Acquérir les indispensables.
DEPANNAGE ET INTERVENTION PISCINE BNIP s'en charge | Nous reparons tout type de panne.
HIVERNAGE PISCINE l'hiver approche | Préparer votre bassin pour l'hiver 2013.
POMPE A CHALEUR PISCINE Une eau à température constante.
SECURITE PISCINE Votre bassin se doit d'être sécurisé pour le bien être de tous .
LOCAL TECHNIQUE Indispensable à votre piscine. | BNIP s'adapte et vous conseille.
REGULATEUR PH SEL & CHLORE Automatisez votre piscine. | BNIP votre expert domotique.

Your pool experts between Narbonne and Beziers: BNIP

BNIP accompanies you in the daily maintenance of your pool, repairs as well as teaches you the basic fundamentals that are linked to having a well kept pool.

Yes, your pool is unique and is maintained in a different way to others. That is why we offer to come to see your pool and find a solution that is suitable.

BNIP your piscinist available Narbonne and Béziers !

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We are very happy with your service and to know that the leak has been detected and repaired. We really appreciated your quick intervention and the quality of your thorough report which even included photos!

Mr and Mrs Laurents M

Intervention à domicile 7jours/7

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Les formations piscines en vidéo avec c'est des dizaines de vidéos accessibles 7/7 et 24h/24 pour vous rendre autonome dans la gestion de votre piscine !
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Winterization of your pool, protection against freezing

installation pompe à chaleur

Towards the end of September, the water temperature decreases considerably (except for those lucky ones who have a heat pump and use it with a solar cover). As soon as your pool reaches a temperature of between 12 and 15 degrees, it is time to close it up for the winter.

To properly winterize a swimming pool you must take some necessary precautions to safeguard the pool from possible winter damage caused by freezing: skimmers break, pressure on the pool structure, the valves become less waterproof, as well as a limescale build up or even pool equipment corroding due to the quality of the water. If a pool is well winterized it assures a happy swimming season in the coming summer.

BNIP pool expert’s offer to winterize your pool, finding the best solution adapted to your needs. Primary residence, holiday home, pools un/covered, above ground or sunken each one has a to be closed up for winter in an appropriate way.

Be careful of automatic treatment systems. A badly winterized pool can be costly when you want to open it up in the spring. A pool that has been correctly winterized will save you money in the long run.
We are at your service; please ask for any advice needed.

Yes, I would like to winterize my pool

Pool Renovations: From the pump house right through to your pool structure make the most of this winter to renovate your pool area.

Sécurisé votre piscine

You cannot escape renovating or replacing pool parts. Skimmers, sealing the various joints, spotlights, vacuum head connections, evacuation outlets and piping are all things that get worn out over time. Depending on where you live these problems are sometimes amplified by geological movement in your region.

In general we’ll find leaks, if there are, which then need to be repaired. A quick and easy solution is using mastic Hybrid polymer mixture. But this is not a long lasting solution; the damaged equipment will need to be replaced. This type of repair work, in general, takes a few days and requires special skills and the use of the correct mortar for the repair work to be long lasting.

BNIP is not satisfied with just doing superficial waterproofing, BNIP implements 3 processes.

From the sealing right through to the finishing touches, by doing this we guaranty the waterproofing of the repair work as well as client satisfaction.

The pump house needs appropriate maintenance and occasionally the equipment needs to be replaced due to minor leaks; skimmer and filter valves joints, vacuum connections, and evacuation outlets at the base of your pool.

Sand filters have a life span of between 3 to 5 years. The automatic timers have to be controlled regularly to check that the probe is still functioning correctly and sometimes they have to be retuned or the defective part replaced. The chemical dispensers must be cleaned especially before winter.

Liners, mosaic and reinforced PVC membranes have, at best, a life span of 25 years.

BNIP are qualified specialists in all these renovation projects.

We are at your service, ask for any advice needed.

Yes, I leave my renovation project in the hands of BNIP