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BNIP : Beziers Narbonne Intervention Piscine

Pool intervention Beziers Narbonne

ENTRETIEN PISCINE : BNIP s'occupe de tout | Confiez nous l'entretien de votre piscine.
FORMATION PISCINE Formation personnalisée ou en groupe | Acquérir les indispensables.
DEPANNAGE ET INTERVENTION PISCINE BNIP s'en charge | Nous reparons tout type de panne.
HIVERNAGE PISCINE l'hiver approche | Préparer votre bassin pour l'hiver 2013.
POMPE A CHALEUR PISCINE Une eau à température constante.
SECURITE PISCINE Votre bassin se doit d'être sécurisé pour le bien être de tous .
LOCAL TECHNIQUE Indispensable à votre piscine. | BNIP s'adapte et vous conseille.
REGULATEUR PH SEL & CHLORE Automatisez votre piscine. | BNIP votre expert domotique.

Pool winterization | will take care of winterizing your pool


When a pool is properly winterized the quality of water remains good, equipment is kept in good condition, and you will save money when you open it up in the spring.

It is unnecessary to empty your pool every winter (every 3 to 4 years is advisable). If you leave your pool empty over winter, the structure becomes fragile, the liner or reinforced PVC membranes could dry out which will then become a costly renovation project.

BNIP are experts, who can provide a service to winterize your pool and one that is adapted to your needs. We guarantee that your pool will be protected over the winter months and the quality of the water remains good.

Why is it important to winterize my pool ?

Winterizing your pool will make it last longer, and will prevent damage caused from frozen water ; leaks, broken filters, broken chlorinators ,or other problems linked to below freezing temperatures. Closing up your pool properly will also prevent additional expenses when spring comes; therefore you save in the long run.

When must I winterize my pool ?

When your pool reaches a temperature of 12°C or below it is time to close up for the winter. Indeed, at this low temperature algae and bacteria no longer develop therefore if you close up for winter at the right time you should not have any surprises in spring when you re-open it.

Precisely what type of winterization does BNIP purpose?

There are different ways to winterize a pool depending on the region in which you live.

In the south of France we advise you to opt for a winterization; active or active +

The active winterization - keeping water movement and equipment on. This method ensures a good quality of water and a quick and economic start up in spring.

Our winterization offers:


  • Cleaning of pool (walls, base, and water line).
  • Water treatment (products are supplied)
  • Adjustments for winter and advice


  • Cleaning of pool (walls, base, and water line).
  • Water treatment (products are supplied)
  • Adjustments for winter and advice
  • Anti freeze prevention
  • Balancing "Langeliers".
  • Prevention against sediment build up

Need a qualified technician to help winterize your pool?

BNIP can help you! We travel to the following villages:

Narbonne Argelies Armissan Bages Bizanet Bize-Minervois Caves Coursan Cuxac-d'Aude Feuilla Fleury-d'Aude Fraïssé-des-Corbières Ginestas Gruissan La Palme Leucate Mailhac Marcorignan Mirepeïsset Montredon-des-Corbières Moussan Névian Ouveillan Peyriac-de-Mer Port-la-Nouvelle Pouzols-Minervois Raïssac-d'Aude Roquefort-des-Corbières Saint-Marcel-sur-Aude Saint-Nazaire-d'Aude Sainte-Valière Sallèles-d'Aude Salles-d'Aude Sigean Treilles Ventenac-en-Minervois Villedaigne Vinassan .

BNIP, a team of professionals to winterize your pool. Contact us ! BNIP, technical pool experts !