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BNIP : Beziers Narbonne Intervention Piscine

Pool intervention Beziers Narbonne

ENTRETIEN PISCINE : BNIP s'occupe de tout | Confiez nous l'entretien de votre piscine.
FORMATION PISCINE Formation personnalisée ou en groupe | Acquérir les indispensables.
DEPANNAGE ET INTERVENTION PISCINE BNIP s'en charge | Nous reparons tout type de panne.
HIVERNAGE PISCINE l'hiver approche | Préparer votre bassin pour l'hiver 2013.
POMPE A CHALEUR PISCINE Une eau à température constante.
SECURITE PISCINE Votre bassin se doit d'être sécurisé pour le bien être de tous .
LOCAL TECHNIQUE Indispensable à votre piscine. | BNIP s'adapte et vous conseille.
REGULATEUR PH SEL & CHLORE Automatisez votre piscine. | BNIP votre expert domotique.

Searching, finding and repairing leaks in your pool

Whether it is in a private swimming pool or collective swimming pool, holiday cottages or restaurant with swimming pool, bed and breakfast, or other establishments leaks are frequent, and a real headache for any owner or care taker.

BNIP are specialists in searching for and finding leaks in your pool.

Equipped with all the necessary equipment to find leaks, BNIP will detect your water leak within 2 to 4 hours.

Leaks can come from a number of places: the canalization, the spotlights, the pool structure, the pump house, the joints, walls/lining, evacuation outlets, etc.

Whether liners, polyester pool shells, swimming pools with a concrete structure, reinforced PVC membranes, we look for the leak and give solutions adapted to your pool.

Knowing the cost of water per cubic meter, a leak can become very expensive, for example, we have a customer who lost 600 m3 of the water per season, it was impossible to locate the pools leak. 600m3 of water and approximately 3€ per cubic meter, cost 1800 €. Today, we repaired his pools leak, it loses practically no more water apart from evaporation and the water used to wash the filter.

With BNIP, you know where you are going, trust us; tranquility assured!

We are specialists in all pool aspects

With BNIP, you don’t have to worry about anything we take care of everything!

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