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Pool products: Slow release chlorine tablets

Product description:

200g slow release chlorine tablets, 90% chlorine content.
Powerful Oxidizing action. pH in solution 1% = 3


Contains Trichloroisocyanurate acid.
Product is approved by the minister of health for disinfecting swimming pool water.

Treatment during the season

1 chlorine tablet allows you to treat 25 à 30 m3 of water for 5 to7 days. The length of time depends on the water temperature, the pH, how much the pool is used and the quality of the filtration system.
Check the chlorine levels daily.

Private pools: The level should never be lower than 1 mg/l.
Public pools: The level should never be lower than 2 mg/l.

The chlorine tablet should ideally be placed in the chlorinator situated in the pump house or in the skimmer.
Never throw the tablet directly into the pool, to prevent the liner, the paint or polyester structure from discolouring.
Check monthly that the stabilizer levels are never over 80 mg/l. In some cases it is necessary to replace the totality of the water.
Check the pH weekly.
Keep the levels between 7,0 et 7,4 to have a well sanitized pool.


The tablets are designed to dissolve slowly over 5 to 7 days, with the filter on for 8 hours a day and the water flow through the skimmer not exceeding 8 m3/h.
However they will dissolve faster if there is more water flowing over them and if the temperature is higher than 24°C.