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Pool products: Clarifier

Product description:

Rapid dissolving clarifying tablets. .
A sock containing aluminum sulphate in the form of 4 small tablets of 30g


Contains aluminum sulphate

Advantage :

The quality of the filtration is improved; it goes from 40 microns to20 microns.


Quick flowing sand filters. There are particles in the swimming pool that are too small for the filter to pick up, your swimming pool becomes cloudy, so adding a clarifier helps to clump all the particles together so the pool filter can collect them. Use the tablets each time you backwash your pool or when your pool is cloudy, simply put it in the skimmer or the (pre filter) basket in the pump.


1 sock (4 tablets of 30g) for every 50 m3

It improves the quality of filtration, but this is only possible if the pH of the water stays between 7 and 7, 4.


The use of clarifiers is incompatible with pH correctors that are directly introduced into the skimmer. When necessary mix the ph corrector in a bucket and release it into the pool near the expulsion outlet.